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The Sweden Tourist

28th of May 2011 
I made this work as an assignment for my KKL report, and I got 'A' in this subject by submitting this conversation ;)
By Monafisa rizqi 
At 4.00 p.m. in Kuta beach, Bali. There was a lot of people is sunbathing in the beach.  I found a young girl  who sat down there alone.  Then, I approached her.

Me       : Hi, excuse me. May I sit here?
Lisa     : Yes, please (smile).
Me       : Hi, I am Momon.  And you?
Lisa     : Hi,  I am Lisa.
Me       : Where do you come from?
Lisa     : Sweden.
Me       : Where is Sweden?
Lisa     : In northen Europe.
Me       : Wow, that’s so far from here.
Lisa     : Yes, I must throught a long trip to go to Bali. That’s enough tired.
Me       : But, it’s balance with the result. You get the real natural holiday here, don’t you?
Lisa     : Yes, I enjoy it so much. The view too different with my hometown. I like it.
Me       : I think Kuta is very interesting to enjoy with our friends or soulmate together. But,    why do you alone?
Lisa     : No, I come here with my sisters. But, they still taking a round near the beach now. I prefer to enjoy here and do nothing.
Me       : Owh I see. And.. how long do you stay in Bali?
Lisa     : Just for a month, and I have just spend my two weeks holiday here.
Me       : So,  you will go back at the end of June, won’t you?
Lisa     : Sure. But, I want to stay here more than a month. Bali is the best  exotic island which I found.
Me       : Yeah, I agree with you. Bali is the one of  world's most popular island destinations, ‘cause famous of their cultural and with its varied landscape. People called it as Paradise island. But, do you know that Bali located in Indonesia?
Lisa     : No, I only know Bali island. That’s it.
Me       : It’s so ironic that the tourists know more about Bali, but they don’t know its country, Indonesia.
Lisa     : Owh, I don’t know that.
Me       : So, how do you get the Bali tourist information?
Lisa     : From my sister. She ever visited here last year, then she told me the information in the internet. I interested it, and we go here together.
Me       : By the way, what are you?
Lisa     : Am a student.
Me       : Really? Am too. Where do you study?
Lisa     : At Stockholm University.
Me       : What’s your department?
Lisa     : In education. I want be a teacher.
Me       : That’s great! We have the same destination.
Lisa     : Really?!
Me       : Yes, I want be an english teacher. I think teaching is a good activity. I can make the other people get more knowledges and study.
Lisa     : Okey, that’s good for you. And where do you study?
Me       : At Jember university, especially in faculty of letters.
Lisa     : Yeah I see, You can speak english well.
Me       : Thank you. Hm.. can you speak indonesian language?
Lisa     : I only can say ‘terima kasih’ and ‘sama-sama’.
Me       : Haha.. That’s so funny..!
Lisa     : Do you know the Swedish language?
Me       : No
Lisa     : If you want to say ‘terima kasih’, you can say tack (tahck) and ‘sama-sama’ is valkomen (vehlkomen).
Me       : ‘tack’ and ‘valkomen’?? hm... It’s rather difficult to pronoun.
 Lisa    : Yes, that Swedish language.
Me       : Oh God! (look my watch).
Lisa, am sorry I must go back to the hotel now. ‘cause the schedule of visiting Kuta is over.
Lisa     : Okey, No problem
Me       : Thanks a lot for your time. Bye, Nice to meet you, Lisa.
Lisa     : Bye, Nice to meet you.
            After that I go back to the bus and then go to my Hotel in Denpasar to take a rest. I feel so tired, but I really enjoy my lovely day in Bali. I hope I can meet Lisa again, maybe someday I’ll go to Sweden and continue my study in Stockholm university with her. 

Thanks for reading, maybe this work can be a good reference! ^^


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