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Inspired Woman

I LOVE U Grandma
This article I made as an assignment of Creative Writing Subject in college,is taught by Prof. Ayu Sutarto.
Written By Monafisa Rizqi

      Everyone has their own inspired person. Inspired person is a person who inspire your life and also motivate you when you’re upset.  I also have my own inspired person. She is my beautiful kind inspired woman. She is my grandmother. I often called her ‘Mama Culah’. She live enough far from my hometown, it’s about one hours to go there. When I was going home I often visit her. Because I live in Jember at my aunt’s house. So, I go home once a month.
    Mama Culah is the patient nice kind person. She is more patient than my mother. She can understand me more than my parent. So, if I had a problem I would tell that to her. Because she can be a good listener and also good advisor for me. Yeah, she is as my private psychologyst. When I had a mistake, upset or down in my problem, she will advise me with the real example which make me know the clear understanding. And when I got a great news and achievement, she always gave me her commendation, of course she showed me a bonus by smilling with her sweetest smile.
            I always miss her. I wish I can give her my best. I really want to tell her about all of my best performance, my best study, my best activites, my best experiences, and others. I wish I can make her always proud of me. She is too old, about seventy-yeared old. I always hope Allah keep her healthy. So, she can know me until graduate, work and then get married. When that come true, it mean that she has succed inspire my life. I want make her happy. Hope it be real. Amien.

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