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Giving will make our life beautiful

     Here is the report as the one of assignment from my lecture in class of Listening 04 who required me and my friends to interview the life of dhuafa people in Jember area. Hope it can be a good reference for the readers. :)

'Giving is The Sweetest Moment"
This is our first experience giving a thirty thousand rupiah to Dhuafa. And it’s an unforgettable experience for us.
In a hot day at noon, we went around to the campus. Five minutes later, we stopped at Bengawan Solo Street because we found an old man and woman who were sitting in the grass. It seems that they were selling a broom made of palm leaf at the sidewalk. It was a pity. Then, we came close to them.
After that, we began small talk with them by asking their identity and also activities there. And here is the information :
Names             : Mr. & Mrs.  Deri
Age                  : About fifty
Address           : Gebang, near railway
Working time    : morning – all goods are sold
Goods             : 10 bundles of broom/day
Price                : @Rp.3.500,00
Transport         : Riding Ojek
Burden             : 1 son, still in class 6th of elementary school
            After half of an hour we had an enjoying small talk, we give them our money as much thirty thousand rupiah. We said that this money for paying ojek transport. Their expressions are very surprised. They were very happy and said thanks to us. We were very glad too because we can help another and give them a little sweet smile. It was an unforgettable moment. Then we said good bye to them, they said that if we want to meet them, we can come there again. So, we realized that giving is the sweetest moment for all. 

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